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Sun Ray School is a 501(c)(3) non-profit, non-partisan organization that works to advance the academic and cultural minds of today's youth. With three schools across the DFW Metroplex, Sun Ray is open to all students interested in Chinese language and culture, Math, English, SAT, and other electives, such as, Martial Arts, Traditional Chinese Dance, Art Class, and other elecitves. Sun Ray Carrollton provides students with the opportunity to expand their scholastic horizons in these field of subjects when the local school district are unable to provide such services.

The school does not discriminate students from any creed, race, color, nationality, or ethnic origin for the opportunity to learn and to attain knowledge.

As the longest running Chinese language school in the DFW Metroplex, with 32 years of history, Sun Ray Chinese School continues to be a leader for our children's education.

NOTE: Arlington Campus was closed Jan. 2011

The Future Is In Your Hands.

Board of Directors

Members of the board are community leaders, businessmen, and parents, who contribute their time and energy towards establishing an enduring institution for students of the Chinese culture.

Dr. Charles Ku, DDS, President
Steve Chao, Vice-President
Christina Ko, Treasurer

Lily Chiang
Phillip Kao
Eric Ko
Susana Kuh
Sadie Mai
Grace Tsai
Ahn-Gren Wu
Tammy Yang
Jen-Gea Yu

Dr. Ku, Founder and President

Medical Billing Service

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03/05/04 Young Asians Face ...
When his two children were in middle school, Philip Shinoda of Dallas gave them a blunt warning: "You're not competing against Bubba and Peggy Sue."
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12/31/03 Chinese Acrobats ...
If you've ever seen the Chinese acrobats at work, you've probably wondered how they can accomplish such amazing feats. According to one fan, years of training make it all look easy.
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